Library Circulation Assistant

We live in a data-saturated environment, and I’ve learned through my work in Clemons Library a range of ways to deal with the flood of information that characterizes contemporary life and work. I’ve developed not only my ability to effectively organize information, but also my capacity to make sense of it—to understand the stories the data tell and to communicate them clearly. 

I’ve worked as a Library Circulation Assistant at UVA’s Clemons Library for more than a year. I love this work because libraries are, at heart, dedicated to the organization, storage, and accessibility of information. I help people with research projects; I assist with the organization and management of texts; and I work with library leadership to optimize our support of researchers. My work there has reinforced my interest in data organization and my skills in working both with large data sets and with organizing physical materials towards effective research. I also troubleshoot technology issues on a regular basis.  

(A Picture of Clemons Library at 8 am).